All-American & All-State Post 2020-21
Thank you for visiting we hope that you will take the time to meet Edward F. Lukoski and learn more about the USS Franklin (CV-13) and how she survived but at a great loss of life.
Our membership is comprised of Veterans who served honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces in a foreign war or overseas operation recognized by a campaign medal, in Korea after June 30, 1949, and recipients of hostile-fire or imminent danger pay. Veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Persian Gulf, Somalia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and other smaller expeditionary campaigns, as well as occupation duty, qualify. 
We continue to serve our communities by supporting our troops with various donations to programs such as "VFW Operation Uplink" which provides phone cards to troops deploying or already deployed overseas, and to our youth participating in the "Patriots Pen & Voice of Democracy" Essay and Audio/Essay writing competitions each year, to name a few. 

Sponsor - 65th Infantry Motorcycle Association

The 65th Infantry Regiment Motorcycle Association Inc. was Founded Aug 2013  and Incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania with all rights, privileges, rules and regulations of the Department of State Bureau of Corporations and Organizations in the State of Pennsylvania.

The 65th Infantry Regiment Motorcycle Association is a Non-Profit Military and Law Enforcement  Veteran service club, Social, Educational, Patriotic,  which is a Non-Political and Non-Partisan .

Our Members are comprised of military and law enforcement veterans & professionals that have a passion for motorcycling.

The Black Shield and White Maltese Cross represents the Habit worn by the Knights of Malta, an Old Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem for which the City of San Juan, Puerto Rico was named after. 

We Honor our Original 65th Infantry Regiment veterans who served in WWI, WWII & Korea who are nicknamed the Borinqueneers Veterans by wearing the Regimental  Coat of Arms Colors. Their Motto is "Honor Et Fidelitas" which is Latin for "Honor and Fidelity". 


 The purpose of the Edward F. Lukoski Post 7096 shall be fraternal, patriotic, historical, charitable, and educational. We will preserve and strengthen comradeship among all veteran and are prepared to assist fellow veterans. We have a duty to perpetuate the memory and history of our fallen; and to assist their widows and orphans. Our educational and historical activities will foster true patriotism and maintain and extend the institutions of the United States.



Our programs support our service members while they are on the front line, as they are being discharged and long after they return. Your tax-deductible donation will be immediately directed to the VFW programs where your support is most urgently needed.